Application process

Who can apply to participate in the Programme?
A natural person who satisfies the following conditions: the person is a foreign national or a stateless person the person is 18 years old or older the person has not been a tax resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the last 20 years preceding the initial application to participate in the Programme the person has not been a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the last 20 years preceding the initial application to participate in the Programme
Do I need to pay any processing fee?
Yes, by accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the applicant accepts the obligation to pay any commissions, or fees in favour of the Office. Main Applicant only: USD 7,750 Main Applicant + (1) Spouse: USD 11,375
What is the general process of participation in the Programme?
1. Choose an authorized agent and submit an online application 2. Pay the application processing fee 3. Pass a due diligence check 4. Invest a minimum of 60,000 US Dollars in the approved investment instrument 5. Apply for an investor visa/ temporary residence permit 6. Reside in Kazakhstan for 90 days to apply for a tax residency certificate (optional) 7. Pay the annual fee (7,000 MCI) to the state budget for issuing a tax residency certificate (optional)
Can I apply directly to the Office?
No, applying for the Programme can only be done through the Authorized Agents
Who is an Authorized Agent?
Agent accredited by the AIFC Investment Tax Residency Office and authorized to act on behalf of the applicant in relation to an application
I have been approached by an Agent. Are they affiliated with the Kazakhstan Investment Tax Residency Programme Office?
To ensure that an Agent is accredited by the Office, please refer to our listing on the website. We do not cooperate with any other Agents apart from the ones listed on our official website
What language should my supporting documents be in?
All documents supporting the application to participate in the Programme must be submitted either in Kazakh, English or Russian. In case the language of the supporting document is not Kazakh, English or Russian, the applicant must provide the original or certified copy of the document in the original language (in conformity with all relevant requirements for the format), as well as the authenticated translation to the Kazakh, English or Russian. Please note, that to apply for an investor visa (A5) or temporary residence permit and tax residency certificate, all documents must be submitted to the state bodies either in Kazakh or Russian
Can I follow up on the status of my application?
Yes, you can check the status of your application through your Agent
Where can I find the forms to apply for the Programme?
Application forms can be obtained from our Authorized Agents
Who is considered as dependent under one application?
The following individuals are considered as dependent (immediate family members) of the applicant: - a spouse (aged 18 years old or older) who is married to the relevant person; and - a child, including an adopted child (under 18 years old) of the applicant
How does the Office decide who will be accepted to participate in the Programme?
The Office collaborates with an independent due diligence service provider who conducts detailed research on an applicant and dependents via multiple sources, including but not limited to: intelligence assessment passports verification ongoing political exposure adverse media sanctions monitoring on the applicant, his/her primary business and dependents. Besides, the applicant must pass the tax residency and citizenship check by the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Once the checks have been completed, the Office draws a decision on the applicant
What if I get rejected?
Our Authorized Agents conduct a pre-approval check to prevent a possible rejection before onboarding you as a participant in the Programme. By working with you and asking the correct questions the Agents will make sure to find out if there is anything that might raise red flags before your application is submitted. Please note that before receiving an investor visa/temporary residence permit, the applicant must pass the final check by the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure a clean criminal history. The Office is not liable to the investment resident for the refusal of the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan to issue an investor visa, temporary residence permit, or a tax residence certificate
What if I come from a politically unstable country?
We treat applicants as individuals and their countries of origin as circumstantial, but the Office will try to foresee problems like that and warn you of them
Do I need to visit the country?
You can apply for an investor visa from outside the territory of Kazakhstan at the respective Embassy/Consulate. However, a temporary residence permit must be obtained within Kazakhstan. Also, please note that tax residency can be obtained only by the investment resident personally within Kazakhstan. The investment resident must stay in Kazakhstan for at least 90 calendar days (including days of arrival and departure) in any consecutive twelve-month period ending in the current tax period