About the Programme

What is the Investment Tax Residency Programme?
The Investment Tax Residency Programme (ITRP, Programme) is aimed to attract foreign investments by issuing long-term investment visas to foreign nationals or stateless persons in return for investments in AIFC instruments, as well as providing Kazakhstan tax residency status subject to the applicants paying a fixed annual fee to the state budget
What are the benefits of the Programme?
- Tax exemptions on foreign income and revenue from investments in the Programme - “90-days residency rule” for tax residency in Kazakhstan (as opposed to regular "183-days rule") - Affordable investment amount threshold - High-liquidity investment instruments - 5-year visa for the investor and his/her immediate family Unlimited entry to Kazakhstan
What is the minimum investment volume?
The minimum investment volume for the Programme is 60,000 US dollars or an equivalent amount in another currency
What are the investment options?
At the moment, the only available investment option is investments in securities listed on the Astana International Exchange (AIX).
What is Astana International Exchange (AIX)?
AIX is a market institution in the AIFC providing domestic and international issuers (both private and government-controlled) and investors a modern well-regulated exchange platform to access the capital markets. AIX shareholders are AIFC, Goldman Sachs, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Silk Road Fund, and NASDAQ which provides an AIX trading platform.
Why AIX?
Astana International Exchange (AIX) is a part of the Astana International Financial Centre. The main benefits arising from AIX listing include, but are not limited to: - the special legal/regulatory regime based on the principles of common law - tax benefits for investors – no Kazakh tax on capital gains and/or interest/dividend payments on AIX listed securities - issue and settlement in any currency - Euroclear accessibility - issuers must comply with disclosure requirements, which make the company more transparent for investors, and with international-standard continuing obligations for investor protection and effective operation of the market
Can I invest in any company listed on AIX?
No, to participate in the Programme, the applicant must invest in eligible securities listed on AIX`s website.
Can I purchase securities on other platforms?
Applicant can purchase eligible securities on other platforms. However, to be eligible to obtain the investment residence certificate, the applicant must transfer funds to the AIX account through any of the AIX CSD Participants (brokers).
Can I withdraw investments in securities?
Investment residents must keep investments for the entire period of the validity of the investment residence certificate unless s/he decides to exit the Programme or replace investment instruments/types of investment instruments as per the Regulations on the Programme.
Can I use cryptocurrency to make investments?
No, cryptocurrency is not an official financial instrument under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan
What is the legal basis of the Programme?
The AIFC Regulations on AIFC Investment Tax Residency Programme is the underlying document regulating the Programme.
What is the Office?
The Office means the Investment Tax Residency Programme Office administering and implementing the Programme. AIFC Markets, a subsidiary of the AIFC Authority performs the functions of the Office.
Can an investor exit from the Programme before the expiration of the investment residence certificate?
An investment resident has the right to terminate the participation in the Programme before the expiration of the investment residence certificate by submitting a respective notice of termination to the Office. In case of early termination of the participation in the Programme, the Office sends a request to the relevant state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan to cancel the investor visa/temporary residence permit of the investment resident, as well as the investment resident’s family members. Provided that, the investment resident and the investment resident’s family members are obliged to leave the Republic of Kazakhstan within the period specified by the acting migration legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.