About the Programme

About the Programme

Kazakhstan Investment Tax Residency Programme is designed to attract investments by offering foreign nationals (and stateless persons) to obtain long-term investment visas or temporary residence and tax residence in Kazakhstan under simplified conditions.

Benefits of the Programme

Eligibility and Requirements

Minimum Investment Volume

60,000 US Dollars

Investment Instruments

Securities listed on AIX

Investments in the share capital of a legal entity registered in accordance with the Acting Law of the AIFC


Application process

1 2 3
Choose an Authorized Agent and submit an online application Pay the application processing fee  Pass a due diligence check
4 5 6
Invest a minimum of 60,000 US Dollars in the approved investment instrument Become the AIFC Investment Resident Apply for investor visa/ temporary residence permit to the authorized state body
7 8 9
Reside in Kazakhstan for 90 days to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate  Pay the annual fee (7,000 MCI) to the state budget for issuing a Tax Residence Certificate Become a Tax Resident and enjoy all benefits of the Programme